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Pest Overview
Pest Preview – Where did those holes in my carpet come from?

Carpet Moth and Clothes Moths will require professional attention. What seem like small infestations can actually be extremely large due to the moths preference of utilising hidden areas to enable successful development of its four life cycle stages.

Moths are one of the more interesting pest species as a result of their metamorphosis when the eggs hatch into active larvae ( caterpillars ) then in most cases in silken cocoons they pupate ( basically tissue reverts to liquid in the transformation to the adult).

How we help
Free site survey

TP Pest Services offer free site surveys on all residential and commercial properties. We are Borough of Poole Trading Standards Approved demonstrating our clear commitment to customer satisfaction with Industry leading training and Technicians that really care about providing a quality service.

We will advise on the best treatment following the survey which in the case of moths can include a residual spray to the carpeted areas followed by fumigation.

Control Method

Moth infestations need a planned approach. The Moth infestation can be dented with vigorous hoovering (empty the bag immediately), the treatment of carpeted areas with residual and growth regulator applications to eradicate the Moths at all lifecycle stages. It is crucial that an IGR ( insect growth regulator ) be used and this is what is lacking in most over the counter publicly available treatments.

We use the industry’s two leading chemicals which provide an encapsulated residual spray lasting upto three months within carpeted areas and also fumigation services where required.

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Facts about the pest


The Common Clothes Moth – Tineola bisselliella, the Case Bearing Clothes Moth – Tinaea pellionella, the White Shouldered House Moth – Endrosis sarcitrella, the Brown Tail Moth – Euproctis chrysorrhoea, The Warehouse Moth – Ephestia elutella.

There are other moth species but those above are the most common moth we are asked to deal with here in Dorset and the surrounding areas.

If you have a birds nest in the eves of your house it may be possible the Brown House Moth will be visiting your kitchen, larder, bedrooms and outbuildings.

In commercial food premises and farming the most serious pest is the Warehouse Moth and White Shouldered House Moth as its faecal matter and silk production causes serious contamination. In Dorset we have an abundance of the Brown Tail Moth which is more specific to the South Coast of England commonly found in orchards. It is the furry caterpillar stage of this Moth we see so abundantly on bushes. The hairs of this caterpillar easily detatch and this can cause severe irritation to humans.

Treating any Moth infestation requires a planned approach to eradication at all of the lifecycle stages. Egg – Larva – Pupae – Adult. Techniques will include fogging, residual applications and heat treatments of clothing to completely remove this pest.

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TP Pest Control Services offer a same day reactive service to all the residents throughout Dorset and the surrounding areas. Borough of Poole Trading Standards Approved the team are very proud of our reputation and are smartly dressed and courteous.

All Technicians hold industry leading Qualifications with yearly updates on the latest available training and newly introduced Insecticides and Rodenticides.

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Understanding the Characteristics, Biology and Lifecycle of Pests and Vermin is what allows TP Pest Control Technicians to deliver a Professional Service.

All TP Pest Control Technicians hold the RSPH (Royal Society for Public Health) Level 2 Certificate and have undergone specialist training with the BPCA (British Pest Control Association). We are also members of the NPTA (National Pest Technicians Association) making us the preferred choice for all Professional Pest Control in Dorset.

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