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Bedbug Control in Dorset

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Pest Overview

Bedbugs – why did this happen to me?

Bedbugs are currently at epidemic levels throughout the UK due to ease of modern travel and a busy secondhand furniture market, especially secondhand bedroom furniture and bedding which host the nearly invisible eggs aswell as the fully grown Ladybird sized adult.

Bedbugs can be carried within holdalls, suitcases, clothing and easily transferred from property to property.

They are not indicative of poor housekeeping or hygiene.

How we help
Free Site Survey

Providing a professional service TP Pest Services will need to do a thorough inspection as to the source and size of the infestation.

We offer a free site survey which once complete will allow us to discuss all eradication, proofing and control methods, prior to any treatment taking place.

Control Method

TP Pest Services use the two leading industry insecticides incorporating the most advanced residual and fumigation techniques combined with all our technicians completing ongoing yearly industry leading training. We also use a crack and crevice residual powder ensuring the success and thoroughness of our treatment

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Bedbug infestation on mattress showing nymph to adult stages and black faecal spotting.
Facts about the pest

The Bedbug – Cimex lectularius

Found Worldwide the Bedbug is surprisingly larger than most people think at upto 6mm long. They are more than capable of ingesting human blood at over seven times their body weight at any one time. Adversely they are also able to survive 12 months without a single meal.


Nocturnal parasite that feeds on the blood of humans, dogs, cats and rodents. By day the bedbugs finds refuge in small cracks and crevices In beds, furniture, skirting boards and even in tiny ceiling cracks. Bedbugs are becoming more and more common in hotels and guest houses as a result of being carried in on customer luggage and furniture. Dorset is currently suffering a Bedbug epidemic.

The Bedbug is not indicative of poor housing or social standards as can be carried by many means into both domestic and commercial premises

Although not a disease carrier, bites can cause some people to have an allergic reaction. But most people only notice a minor irritation akin to a nettle rash.


With over 200 eggs laid on a daily rate with Nymph to Adult stages taking from just a few weeks or more dependent on food supply and temperature/conditions. Contact us now to allow us to take control and eradicate any chance of the infestation spreading.

TP Pest Control Services

Why choose us?

We are the number one choice for Professional Bed Bug Control in Dorset.

Our bedbug treatments and techniques have been perfected through research, training and experience, ensuring that we can offer a swift solution and maximum success rates.

All TP Pest Control Technicians hold the RSPH (Royal Society for Public Health) Level 2 Certificate as a minimum and have undergone specialist training with the BPCA (British Pest Control Association). We are also members of the NPTA (National Pest Technicians Association).

All our Technicians are Police CRB Vetted living within Dorset and are passionate in their delivery of an exceptional and friendly service.

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