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Feral Pigeon & Gull Deterrents

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Pest Overview

Feral Pigeon & Gull Deterrents

TP Pest Services offer a complete Bird Spiking and Netting Solution to both residential and commercial clients throughout Dorset and the surrounding areas.

Feral pigeons inhabit nearly every town and city in the world. They are a serious pest and hazard to health. Unfortunately their dependence on humans for food leaves each pigeon making a 13kg deposit of droppings yearly. 13KG of droppings x the 18 million estimated to inhabit England = a very busy pest controller.

How we help
Free Site Survey

TP Pest Control Services are Borough of Poole Trading Standards Approved and offer no obligation site surveys which are completely FREE of charge.

The site survey will allow us to determine if a humane netting option or use of deterrents and spikes can be used before any humane live capture traps are thought about.

If you would like to email pictures of commercial buildings to [email protected] we will be happy to supply a guideline proposal subject to site survey and access.

Control Method

All control methods will be discussed after we have carried out a thorough inspection. We need to correctly identify the target species, extent and number of birds involved, activity areas related to food and nest sites, along with any historical evidence. There may well be an immediate proofing or hygiene solution which can help us gain control.

Along with gaining control we offer full sanitizing and deep cleaning services ensuring the area remains safe. Our furthest contract to date for our sanitizing services being Blackpool Hospital.

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Facts about the pest

The Feral Pigeon – Columba livia

Facts about Feral Pigeons

Descended from the Rock Dove Feral pigeons have a considerable colour variation ranging from white to black. Weighing between 250-300grams they each consume around 60grams of food per day. With flock sizes between 40 and 350 birds each flock has a distinct territory.

Diseases spread by the Feral Pigeon include Salmonella, Escherichia coli, Campylobacter jejuni, Lysteria monocytogenes, Vibrio cholererae. Bird Parasites that bite humans spreading disease include the Pigeon Bug, Pigeon Tick, Bird Mite and Pigeon Flea. There are also Air Borne diseases that are extremely hazardous to health.

Lifecycle – 2-3 eggs per clutch, 7 clutches per year. The young are sexually mature at 4 months. The Feral Pigeon breeds all year round the young squabs feed on pigeon milk and are fledged at 30 days.


The Gull – Laridae

There are six species of gull in Dorset. Great Black Backed – Larus marinus, Lesser Black Backed – Larus fuscus, Herring – Larus ridibundus, Common – Larus canus, Kittiwake – Rissa tridactyla
Predominantly associated with coastal sea side towns the Herring, lesser black and black backed gull can now be found inland in huge numbers.The Herring and Lesser Black Backed Gull are the biggest pest of the gull species in Dorset.

Lifecycle – Upto 3 eggs are laid between April and May with incubation taking around 30 days. The young are capable of flight at around 10 days not leaving the nest for 6 weeks. Gulls can be very long lived with the Herring Gull living as long as 20 + years.

TP Pest Control Services

Why choose us?

With over 120 years experience between us TP Pest Services offers a friendly discreet service, free onsite survey by highly trained and insured Technicians.

We are Borough of Poole Trading Standards Approved reflecting our commitment to customer satisfaction and all Technicians are Police CRB vetted.

Understanding the Characteristics, Biology and Lifecycle is what allows TP Pest Control Technicians to deliver a Professional Service. All TP Pest Control Technicians hold the RSPH (Royal Society for Public Health) Level 2 Certificate and have undergone specialist training with the BPCA (British Pest Control Association).

We are also members of the NPTA – National Pest Technicians Association making us the preferred choice for all Pigeon and Gull Control in Dorset and the surrounding areas.

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Trading Standards Reviews

  • Very Impressed!

    I called TP Pest Control Services as I suspected mice were nesting at the back of the property. Terry was able to respond quickly, despite it being late afternoon on a Friday. What I thought was a mouse, was actually a rat, so I was so pleased that Terry was able to resolve this for me on the very same day. Very impressed with the service received and would highly recommend Terry and his team.

    Reviewed January 2021
  • Highly Recommend!

    I first contacted Terry to request help in eradicating a family of rats enjoying life in our loft, mum plus twelve offspring. Having now completed this task to my total satisfaction I would describe Terry as a true professional with huge experience in the subject, enthusiastic to get everything right and always available with a friendly explanatory word as work progressed. I would not hesitate to highly recommend Terry to anybody looking for help with a pest problem.

    Reviewed October 2020
  • Recommend to anyone!

    Terry delivered an excellent service in dealing with and solving my rat problem. He took the time to explain everything that needed doing at every step and the work was carried out in an extremely professional but friendly manner. Not only is Terry clearly a very experienced and knowledgeable person he is also one of the nicest, most reliable, trustworthy, professional tradesmen I have ever dealt with.

    Reviewed August 2020
  • Excellent!

    Excellent, Terry dealt with our rat problem rapidly, efficiently and expertly. He also offered loads of helpful advice on changes to the garden to keep them away.

    Reviewed May 2020
  • Many Thanks!

    Terry was helpful, reliable and efficient we had a mouse/rat problem along with our neighbours which Terry solved. Many thanks.

    Reviewed April 2020
  • Absolutely first-class!

    I've never experienced such helpful, friendly and speedy service. Would 100% recommend Terry and his company. Thanks so much!

    Reviewed March 2019
  • Great service!

    I didn't think my carpet moths would be able to have got rid of but they are gone. So pleased! A big thank you!

    Reviewed March 2019
  • Terry (and Max) were excellent.

    Very knowledge, very friendly, he turned up when he said he was going to and solved our problem. We were very pleased with his service and wouldn't hesitate to recommend his company to anyone.

    Reviewed December 2018
  • Excellent service.

    After mice / rats chewed through wiring in loft of our 1600 Cottage, Terry (and Max) came to the rescue. Did a thorough survey. Laid traps. Then did a complete clean of loft to remove droppings etc after re-wiring and before loft was re-boarded. Would definitely recommend.

    Reviewed April 2018
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